May P&T Updates

May  31- Larrick Center Stop Closes June 1

Due to the upcoming construction for the new School of Allied Health Professions building, on Thursday, June 1, the Larrick Center stop for the Campus Connector and I Lot shuttles will close temporarily.

To service passengers, a new stop will be placed at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, located on Jackson Street between 7th and 8th streets.  All Campus Connector and I Lot passengers who normally utilize the Larrick Center stop should proceed to the new J. Sargeant Reynolds stop for service beginning June 1.

The Larrick Center stop is expected to return to its original location following construction.

May 31 – Possible RamRide Delays 5/31 & 6/1

On Wednesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 1, from 6 pm to 6 am, traffic signal work for the Pulse project will take place along the intersections of Broad Street and 14th and Main Streets.

Though major impacts are not expected at this time, RamRide could experience brief delays as this construction work takes place.

Please ensure you allow additional time in your commute to account for possible delays.

As always, we encourage you to track RamRide in real time at or by downloading the RamRide tracker at

May 26- Important: Upcoming High School Graduation Impacts

This year’s high school graduation ceremonies will be conducted at the Siegel Center and Altria Theater beginning on Tuesday, June 6 through Saturday, June 17.

Due to the increased construction activity on campus and double lane closures on Broad Street for the upcoming Pulse project, traffic in and around the Broad Street area is expected to be more congested than in previous years.


To ensure subscribers can park safely and with minimal impacts, we are temporarily relocating all West Broad Street Deck and Bowe Street Deck subscribers to the West Cary Street Deck and Jefferson Street Deck during the graduation period (June 6-15).

Beginning on Tuesday, June 6, subscriber access to the West Broad Street Deck and Bowe Street Deck will be temporarily disabled.

All West Broad Street Deck and Bowe Street Deck subscribers should instead utilize one of the following parking locations:

  • West Cary Street Deck, located at 1101 West Cary Street
  • Jefferson Street Deck, located at 100 South Jefferson Street

Your RFID permit will grant you access into each of these facilities from June 6-15.  If you encounter any ingress or egress issues within the deck, please press the “i” button located on the entrance/exit lane readers for assistance.

Subscriber access to the West Broad Street Deck and Bowe Street Deck will be restored on Friday, June 16.  You may resume parking in your designated facility at that time.


To help ease the challenges of this relocation for those impacted, we are providing a dedicated shuttle service, which will operate from June 6-9 and June 12-15.  Three shuttles will run on a continuous loop to and from the West Cary Street Deck and Jefferson Street Deck to on campus locations during the hours of 7 am- 9 am and 4 pm- 6 pm.

Shuttles will travel to and from these six locations:

  • West Cary Street Deck
  • Harrison and Main Streets
  • Harrison and Franklin Streets
  • Franklin and Shafer Streets
  • Franklin and Laurel Streets
  • Jefferson Street Deck

In the event you will need transportation between the hours of 6:01 pm and 6:59 am, we ask that you place a ride request through our RamSafe service by calling 828-SAFE (7233) or visiting

Contact Us:

VCU Parking and Transportation attempts to meet the parking needs for individuals with mobility and disability needs.  In the event you require additional parking accommodations due to a disability, please contact us directly at 828-PARK (7275).

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and hope these relocation efforts will provide a safer, more convenient alternative as you travel to and from campus during this busy time.

Additional details regarding high school graduation dates and times can be found here.  

May 24 – Update: WMSD Access Interrupted Beginning May 22

The water installation services that were initially scheduled to take place on Laurel Street from May 22-30 have been rescheduled.  Crews will now close Laurel Street, between Main and Cary streets, on Tuesday, May 30.  

As a reminder, while this project takes place, the Laurel Street entrance to the West Main Street Deck will be inaccessible until approximately 5 pm each day.  During the closure, you will still be able to access this facility by way of the Cherry Street entrance.

This project is expected to be completed by Friday, June 2.  

May 25 – RamRide Discontinues Service on Memorial Day

On Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) RamRide will not be in service.  Please note, this includes the Campus Connector, A Lot, I Lot and M/R Lot shuttles.

Due to the shuttles discontinuing service, all A Lot, I Lot, M Lot, and R Lot employees will be permitted to park on the D Deck, located at 515 N. 13 Street, on May 29.

RamRide will resume its normal schedule on Tuesday, May 30.

May 22 – Overnight Detours on Broad, 14th & Main Streets

Traffic signal work continues to progress for the Pulse project, advancing through intersections on Broad, 14th and Main Streets.  As the work moves across these streets and intersections, some temporary overnight detours can be expected tonight through Thursday, May 25, between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am.  As a result, the M Lot and R Lot RamRide shuttles may experience brief delays during the evening/late night hours due to this construction.

Please ensure you allow additional time in your commute to account for possible delays.As always, we encourage you to track RamRide in real time through at or by downloading the RamRide tracker at

May 18 – RR Lot Harrison Street Entrance Closed May 22

On Monday, May 22, from 7 am until 5 pm, contractors will be onsite to perform conduit work near the rear of the RR Lot.

While this work takes place, the Harrison Street entrance to the lot will be inaccessible.  Please note, you will still be able to enter and exit this facility via the Franklin Street entrance, located at 1010 W. Franklin Street.

The Harrison Street entrance will reopen upon the project’s completion at 5 pm.

May 15 – UPDATE: A Lot, R Lot and M Lot Routes Impacted 5/15-17

We recently communicated that RamRide would service Sanger Hall beginning at 5 pm. Due to a recent change in construction plans, the A Lot, R Lot and M Lot RamRide routes will now be servicing the stop at Broad and 12th streets (Hunton Student Center) instead of Sanger Hall for each route’s timeframe:

A Lot – 4 am- 8 pm (Proceed to Broad & 12th)
M/R Lots – 5 am- 12 am (Proceed to Broad & 12th)

Passengers should board at Broad and 12th during these times on today, Tuesday, May 16 and Wednesday, May 17.

Any further updates will be communicated.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have questions, please contact customer service at 828-PARK (7275).

May 12 – SS Lot Parking – May 15

On Monday, May 15, crews will be on site to trim the shrubbery along the fence in the SS Lot.  As a result, a few spaces along the north side of the facility will be closed to parking so this work can take place.

We ask that you avoid parking in the closed spaces during this time.  The spaces will be reopened for parking on Tuesday, May 16.

May 5 – Expanded R Lot Service

We have received several concerns regarding wait times for the R Lot shuttles, particularly during the peak periods.  To address the growing ridership and better serve our subscribers, we are expanding transit coverage at this facility.

Beginning on Monday, May 8, an additional bus will service the R Lot route from 6:30 am to 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, for a total of three buses operating during the morning and afternoon peak periods.  Two buses will continue to service the R Lot (along with the M Lot) during off-peak hours.

We hope this addition will enhance your daily commute by decreasing wait times and reducing congestion.  As a reminder, you can always track the status of RamRide in real time by visiting or downloading the VCU Mobile “RamRide” app.If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding service, feel free to email, or contact customer service at 828-PARK (7275).

May 3 – F Lot Access Impacted this Weekend

Due to a large event taking place on the MCV Campus this weekend, the F Lot will be unavailable for parking beginning at 12 am on Saturday, May 6 until 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 7.

In the event you will need to park during these times, we ask that you utilize an alternate parking facility.  The F Lot will re-open for subscriber parking at 12 am on Monday, May 8.

In the event you have questions or need assistance locating alternate parking locations, feel free to contact customer service at 828-PARK (7275).