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Using Kaltura to Create a Presentation

Students or faculty can create a voice over PowerPoint video presentation using the Kaltura tool within Blackboard. Create a discussion board forum for your students to use to post their final presentations.  Distribute using Kaltura to create a student video presentation to your students to show them how to create and post their recording.

Making Additional Collaborate Rooms Unavailable to Students

During a recent online office hours, one student thought that the session had been canceled because they were in the wrong Collaborate room. By default, Blackboard Collaborate will create a room for every person who is listed as an instructor in a given course.  With courses that have plenty of instructors – due to clinical […]

Students Can’t See a File in Blackboard (Articulate files and others)

This happens for two reasons: the files didn’t copy correctly from the previous semester the correct permissions didn’t copy over Files didn’t copy To check to see if this is the issue, click the link for your Articulate file and nothing will happen with you as the instructor.  If you click the content system link […]

Best Practice – Use Blackboard Modules

Everyone has links to student resources at the university in every one of their courses.  What happens when the VCU Writing Center updates their website and changes their URL?  You have to update that in every course where it is listed.  There is another way –  use Blackboard Modules! To test drive modules, try the […]

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