Do you want to make your synchronous session more interactive? Try Zoom Breakout Rooms for student groups.

Notes about breakout rooms:

  • If the meeting is being recorded locally, it will record the room the participants who is recording is in. Multiple participants can record locally.
  • There are a maximum of 50 breakout rooms per 200 participants.
  • Breakout room participants have full audio, video and screen share capabilities.
  • Breakout room participants can be pre-assigned when the meeting is scheduled.

For more information about using Zoom with Breakout Rooms, download the document below.

*Update – May 22* In order for this to work with your students, they will first need to have Zoom accounts. To get a Zoom account, students need to go to: and log in with their eID and password. Once they have a Zoom account, you can preassign breakout rooms.

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