Faculty and students can expect to receive information about course evaluations approximately two weeks prior to the last day of class and the evaluations will only be available for the last two weeks of classes. The exact evaluation start and dates for your course(s) can be viewed here. Use the filter options to find your nursing course.

It is important to convey to students the importance of the course evaluations and remind them this data is used for continued quality improvement of our programs. If students know their opinion is important, they will be more likely to provide feedback on the evaluations so let’s keep those response rates high!

Tips to increase student response rates include:

  • Encourage students to bring laptop computers to class and complete evaluation tool during class session.
  • Remind students throughout the course about the importance of providing constructive feedback in a professional and helpful way.
  • Offer students a variety of ways in which they can provide feedback throughout the course (e.g. midterm assessment).
  • Respond to student feedback when appropriate. Students will feel empowered to give feedback when they see their instructor responding to feedback during the semester.

For more information and helpful tips to increase response rates see Best Practices for School of Nursing Course Evaluation Process.


Contact Sam Mitchell-Dix, or visit http://www.pubapps.vcu.edu/courseeval/, if you have any questions or are looking for more information on course evaluations.

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