We have certainly had our share of bad weather this semester, and more is predicted on Thursday. Weather related events and other situations that result in cancellations or delays highlight the need to have a contingency plan in place. Below are three options available to you at the School of Nursing for the delivery of instructional content outside of class:

Echo PCAP (asynchronous)

Echo PCAP (Personal Capture) software allows instructors to record audio, video and anything displayed on the computer screen. For example, you can start with a PowerPoint lecture, then open Blackboard or a website and continue recording. It is possible to make minor edits to your recording before you publish. Once the recording has processed you will receive a link to the recording that you can post in your Blackboard course.

Submit a Web Help Desk ticket to have Echo PCAP installed on your computer.

Blackboard Collaborate (synchronous)

Collaborate is available in every Blackboard course and can be used to meet with your students online, real-time. This software requires a bit of prep and training for instructors and students who have never used it. If you are interested in hosting a class via Collaborate, please plan in advance to give your students time to test their ability to run Collaborate on their computers, and to ensure that someone from IT is available to provide support at the beginning of your session.

Articulate (asynchronous)

Articulate allows instructors to narrate PowerPoint lectures slide by slide and to publish these recorded lectures in a Blackboard friendly format. This software is installed on the computer in 3001B and on a laptop that can be checked out from IT.

Please contact Elizabeth at or 828-7960 to learn more about any of these applications.

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