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Lecture Capture transition – detailed timeline posted

Learning Systems has posted a timeline for the Lecture Capture transition at VCU. It is designed to help users and departmental stakeholders better understand the transition away from Echo360 as a centrally supported lecture capture option from Academic Technologies. Kaltura (and Cattura Capturecast hardware) will now be supported for all things lecture capture. Please direct any questions or requests […]

Echo360 Updates (EchoSystem and Echo360 Cloud)

Update (4/17/18): The EchoSystem Server Upgrade has been rescheduled for Friday, 4/20 at 5:30AM. Thank you! Please note the reminders and updates below: EchoSystem Server Upgrade – Yes, one final upgrade to the EchoSystem Server will be applied that will address some minor issues with the content migration tool for EchoCloud and EchoCenter link issues. This update […]

Echo360 – EchoPlayer Update

Hello VCU Faculty and Staff, We just wanted to provide a quick note to those using the legacy EchoSystem Server application and player… Support for the capture discussions feature in the EchoPlayer has been officially shut down by the vendor. As a result, the discussions “app” has been disabled in the EchoPlayer and will no longer […]

Echo360 Slowness and Accessibility Issues – Resolved

Learning Systems is doing an emergency restart of the EchoSystem Server. Echo360 is currently having slowness and accessibility issues. 10 AM – Echo360 is back up and running.

Echo360 Instructor Education Series

Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to kick back, relax, and prepare for your courses next term! Starting next Tuesday, Echo360 is here to help complement your course delivery with an educational series for instructors, instructor assistants, and supporting staff. Attend as many sessions as you’d like – you’ll learn about the […]

New macOS Sierra (macOS 10.12) throws error for Chrome Browser

The macOS Sierra (also known as macOS 10.12) is the latest operating system from Apple.  Echoes from Blackboard or Echo360 User Interface will throw an error if using the Chrome browser while on this operating system. Learning Systems is working with Echo360 support to provide a solution.  In the meantime, the current workaround is to use […]

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