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Student enrollments into your Canvas courses for the Fall 2022 semester will begin taking place on April 18, 2022.

Students who are registered for a course through the university’s records and registration process are automatically enrolled via the Banner system. The primary instructor listed in Banner has also been populated for all courses.

All other roles, including additional Teachers and TAs, will need to be manually enrolled by the primary instructor. For more information on the different types of Canvas user roles and the permissions they acquire, visit the Course Role Permission page.

All courses are in the “Unpublished” state by default. Please note that you must Publish your course in order to be able to send messages or announcements to your students. Visit the Publish and Unpublish a Course page for more details.

For questions or concerns, email LSRequest@vcu.edu. Visit the Learning Systems website for additional resources, support, training and more. As always, feel free to subscribe to this blog for information regarding our team and timely updates.

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