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All Summer 2022 Canvas course shells are now available for instructors so you can begin building your courses. Primary instructors are being populated; however, student enrollments have not yet begun.

Cross-listing is not an automated process. Instructors can perform this task when ready; preferably before the course is published. Be sure not to publish your course before you are ready. Course publishing affects student access to your course. It is recommended that you communicate when you plan to make your course available to students. If you need to publish your course to send an announcement or email, don’t forget to unpublish your course when you are finished.

If you are looking for a specific course that you believe you should be teaching, please email lsrequest@vcu.edu with the course ID (ie. MISC-101-001-SU2022) and we will be happy to take a look.

Things to Keep In Mind When Building your New Course

You can…

Visit our Learning Systems website for additional resources including upcoming training and recordings, support resources, Canvas community, and much more.

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