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With courses having to be moved primarily online due to COVID-19, instructors have increasingly started using Zoom for their recording needs.

Instinctively, instructors will then download the zoom recording on their computers and upload it directly to the Canvas course. This method is not recommended because by doing this you will quickly use up all of your allotted 2 GB course storage.

What you Need to Know

Most users with an eID already have an account in Kaltura in order to store all video and audio files. If Cloud Recording is enabled for your Zoom account, your recordings will automatically be uploaded to your Kaltura – My Media account for storage and sharing.

This makes it easier to embed your Zoom recordings to your Canvas course without using up all of your storage space.

See the “Kaltura in Canvas” and “Create and Manage Zoom Meetings > Canvas Integration” pages for more details.

Note: Users on the “HIPAA” sub-account are locked out of the Cloud Recording feature to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. For more information on how to get your videos embedded in Kaltura, see the HIPAA Compliance page.

Watch the Kaltura Videos to Canvas video for instructions.

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