Reminder: Canvas Push Notification Change

User Roles: All Users

As of 16 January 2021, only the following notifications are being supported:


  • New Announcement
  • Announcement Reply


  • Assignment Created
  • Submission Graded
  • Assignment Due Date Changed
  • Submission Comment
  • Submission Needs Grading
  • Submission Comment for Teacher
  • Submission Grade Changed
  • Assignment Changed
  • Annotation Notification
  • Assignment Due Date Override Changed
  • Peer Review Invitation
  • Rubric Assessment Submission Reminder
  • Upcoming Assignment Alert
  • Annotation Teacher Notification
  • Assignment Unmuted
  • Quiz Regrade Finished


  • New Event Created
  • Event Date Changed
  • Appointment Group Published
  • Appointment Group Updated
  • Appointment Group Deleted
  • Appointment Canceled by User
  • Appointment Deleted for User


  • Conversation Message (new conversation or reply)


  • Web Conference Invitation


  • Collaboration Invitation

Details about each of these notification types can be found in the Canvas Notifications PDF.

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