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With the recent migration of the Canvas Community to a new platform, Instructure encountered three issues that impacted community members (highlighted below).
On August 6th, the day of migration, we put the community into read-only mode for approximately 8 hours. People could access and search but not comment or participate.

– At 10:14 AM MST, we redirected community.canvaslms.com to the new site. At that time, we discovered a problem with authentication from Canvas into the new community, which prevented people from logging in until 11:19 AM MST. 

– At 1:50 PM MST, users began experiencing trouble searching and navigating due to insufficient server provisioning. Our community platform provider had to take the community back offline until approximately 3:50 PM MST. 

– The third issue that occurred, and is ongoing, has been a pattern of problems around redirecting content links from the old platform to the new. Although we migrated all the guides, discussions, blogs, and more from the old community, some of the redirects were corrupted, and saved links broke. So far, we have repaired about 8500 links and reports of broken links have fallen off sharply. We continue to mitigate as we encounter additional problems. As you experience issues with redirects and broken links, please reach out to your customer success manager. The goal remains to have all content that was accessible in the old platform available on the new. 
We [Instructure] sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this migration has caused for your institution and users. Our Community Team will continue to improve the Community experience with users. Thank you for your patience during the Community migration. We are excited about the new opportunities this platform will provide to create an awesome Canvas experience for all. 
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