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‘If I wasn’t making films about science, I wouldn’t want to be making films.’

Ron Lopez returned to school to study environmental sciences because he wanted to pursue a personally fulfilling career. His work now includes a juggling act of scientific research, teaching and filmmaking, and he says the mix couldn't be more perfect.

Small particles, big implications

By Anthony Langley (B.S.’16/MC) Patricia Turpin (B.S.’17/H&S; B.S.’17/LS) credits her high school math teacher, Mr. Kaiser, for teaching her to appreciate the certainty that came with math and science. “When I’d write an English essay, there was always room for answers to be partially correct,” she says. “But with math, there was always one true […]

Capturing a far-off place: A conversation with wildlife photographer Trevor Frost

By Anthony Langley (B.S.’16/MC) Trevor Frost (B.S.’06/LS) is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker who, after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006 at the age of 20, has gone on to work with National Geographic. We caught up with Frost recently to learn about his love of the wild, storytelling and his time at VCU.