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David Baldacci once wrote stories in secret at VCU. Now he has millions of readers around the world.

David Baldacci

Decades after Baldacci graduated from VCU and left town for law school, he still closely identifies with the university and its students.

It’s a well-rounded life

Mitesh Amin, M.D. (B.S.’95/H&S; M.D.’99/M; H.S.’10), might well qualify as a modern-day Renaissance man … and not just because he followed an atypical career path.

Laying down roots

Pitch competition winner holding his certificate and surrounded by the judges.

After graduating from the VCU School of Business, David Waltenbaugh spent more than a decade working in the investment industry. But for most of that time, he knew it wasn’t his ultimate career path.

As he conducts cancer research, Omar Mian’s education — and his father — are never far from mind

Omar Mian shared his perspectives with M.D.-Ph.D. students at their 2019 fall retreat.

Prescribing change for a national epidemic

Kathryn Schwienteck Hartka, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (Pharm.D.’15/P; Ph.D.’19/M), first became passionate about learning how drugs affect the human brain studying neuroscience as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Alumni return to perform a gala of opera scenes

Each fall, VCU Opera delights fans with a fully staged gala of scenes from famous operas. The annual production of opera’s “greatest hits” features the talents of student singers from the School of the Arts Department of Music, providing valuable experience and preparing them for future success as opera singers.

When one door closes: Alumna creates her own pathway to success after setback

Altimese Nichole Curry (B.S.'07/MC), leader of the VCU Alumni Lowcountry Chapter, takes over our Instagram account tomorrow, Nov. 8, to share her time at Homecoming.

From a dare, VCU got its first female Rodney the Ram in more than 15 years

Danielle Hiser and her husband pose with V-C-U mascot Rodney the Ram at their wedding.

Danielle Hiser’s (B.S.’12/E; B.S.’12/H&S) more than three-year tenure provided outrageous tales, including the time she sprinted off the court and tripped over a cameraman.

Arts alum is blurring historical lines with ‘Great Force’

A person standing in an art gallery space. Various paintings hang on the walls behind them.

Ten years after graduating from VCU, Amber Esseiva is curating her first solo show at the Institute for Contemporary Art.

Improving education for all Virginia’s students

Leah Walker, director of equity and community engagement for the Virginia Department of Education

Leah Walker (M.P.A.’01/GPA) brings a point of view that is rooted in social justice, fairness, equity and a sense of what is the responsibility of the government to the Virginia Department of Education. With her background in public policy, she says her role is to provide an “expert understanding of how government works and what the levers are within government to impact change at different levels.”