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This information applies only to alumni who graduated from VCU since 2009 with a Google account. If you are impacted, you would have received an email from Doctor Gee.

Will messages sent to my and email arrive in my account?
Yes, your current VCU email will be forwarded to your account. You should use for any new subscriptions or key communications to assure delivery long term.

How long will I have access to my current @mymail account?
Your account will remain available until May 17, 2021.

When will email begin to arrive in my new account?
On March 31, all email addressed to your, and will arrive in the alumni account unless you have an active student or employee role. You can log in to your or account to transfer email and documents until May 17.

Will my account remain active if I don’t use it?
To keep your account active, please sign into your account via a web browser at least once annually. Each year, reminders will be sent weekly in December, and accounts not accessed will be notified and then removed on the last day of January. This is in accordance with the VCU Alumni Email Standard.

Can I forward my account to another account?
Yes, you can do this in your settings by following these steps from Google support. Even though you are not reading email in your alumni account, you are still required to log in once a year for it to remain active.

What if I am an alumnus and am currently employed at VCU? What if I am an alumnus and a current VCU student?
VCU Health employees, VCU faculty, staff, affiliates and students with active employee or student accounts will continue to have email directed to their employee, student or VCU Health account. You can log in to your account, too. Email addressed to will arrive in your employee account. Email addressed to address will be delivered to your alumni account. When you leave employment, email addressed to will arrive in your alumni account.

I am a School of Dentistry graduate. Why can’t I transfer my emails, files and data to an or another personal email?
The School of Dentistry has an established policy that prevents students from migrating data from their email. This policy is necessary to prevent potential widespread HIPAA violations. Email forwarding is available and will be configured automatically. Any emails that are sent to either an or account will automatically forward to the new account. There is no configuration needed by dental students.

Do you have questions about moving your data from your student account to your alumni account? Questions about account changes or password resets? Visit the Collaboration Services “Email Help” page.

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I cannot renew my password to my VCU email. I graduated in 2016 and have forgotten my eID number that begins with a V. I do have my student ID and ID number. Please let me know how I can obtain my eID number. My eventual goal is to get a copy of my transcripts to attend a master’s program in Spain where I currently live so I am unable to come in person. Thank you, Zachary Gage.

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