American Dental Education Association, Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program

by Thomas E. Koertge, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Kristen Richey (Class of 2022) with her ADCP mentor, Dr. Tom Koertge

The American Dental Education Association, Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCP) introduces students to the academic side of dentistry. For the last two years, Dr. Thomas Koertge has mentored three dental students through the program, which includes interviewing multiple faculty, preparing and giving lectures, developing exam questions, and  developing teaching cases. The three students in the mentorship program are Payton Cook (Class 2021), Kristen Richey (Class 2022), and Roxana Rodriguez (Class 2021).   

These ADCP students have developed cases to demonstrate the nuances of the 2017 AAP Periodontal Disease Classification system. They then presented their cases to first-year dental and junior dental hygiene students enrolled in the Periodontal Diagnosis and Periodontics I course, respectively. A live response system, using clickers to poll the class, was used to encourage participation. This exercise generated a great deal of pertinent discussion and aided in the students’ understanding of periodontal staging and grading. 

With this mentorship program, we have an unprecedented opportunity to develop our students’ understanding of periodontitis and simultaneously foster the development of future periodontal  educators. We are looking for great things to come from these three amazing students and future periodontal educators.

Periodontal selective course

by Janina Golob Deeb, D.M.D, M.S.

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Periodontal Selective Case by John Smith: Frenectomy and Gingivectomy/Gingivoplasty #6-10 to enhance soft tissue symmetry prior to veneers placement and diastema closure

This fall semester marked the sixth offering of a senior selective course in periodontics, for which we received an impressive number of applications. This year, seven eager and accomplished fourth-year dental students are receiving classroom and clinical instruction from Dr. Janina Deeb, the Course Director. The seven students from the Class of 2021 enrolled in the course this year are:

Taqa Altekreeti

Katelyn Cantrell

Emily Farris

Roxana Rodriguez 

John Smith 

Asha Tuli

S. Alex Wood

This course provides interested students with knowledge and skill acquisition of advanced periodontal techniques that will better equip them to practice periodontics in their future and enhance their prospects for acquiring residency positions within periodontal programs, if that is their goal.

Students in the course treatment plan patients with periodontal surgical needs, perform and document surgical procedures, and present completed cases to one another in a seminar format. The surgical procedures performed typically include gingivectomy, crown lengthening, tooth extraction with socket preservation, and open flap debridement.

Since the course’s inception in 2015, 12 selected students have entered periodontal residencies and four are applying this year.

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