For the current academic year, part-time faculty positions in the Department of Periodontics were only offered on a volunteer basis. It is with heart-filled gratitude that we recognize our current Affiliate Faculty for their outstanding dedication and service to our department, and thereby to the profession of periodontology.

These talented periodontists contribute immensely to undergraduate and graduate education, bringing their wealth of experience in treatment planning, surgical care and practice management to the table.

Thank you for the hours of instruction you provide in our clinics, you are an irreplaceable asset to the Department of Periodontics.

Dr. Shivangi Amin

Dr. Carl Block (D.D.S. ’89/D)

Dr. John Burmeister (cert. ’77/D)

Dr. John Buyer

Dr. John Doswell (D.D.S. ’79/D)

Dr. Mehrdad Favagehi (D.D.S. ’94/D)

Dr. Thomas Glazier (D.D.S. ’12/D; M.S.D. ’15/D)

Dr. Barry Green

Dr. Barry Griffin (D.D.S. ’84/D)

Dr. Justin Hardison (M.S.D. ’12/D)

Dr. Fadi Hasan (M.S.D. ’15/D)

Dr. Barry Holden (D.D.S. ’86/D)

Dr. Claire Kaugars (D.D.S. ’81/D; cert ’86/D)

Dr. Jean Claude Kharmouche (cert. ’97/D)

Dr. Bijan Kooshki (cert. ’00/D)

Dr. Neil Landy

Dr. Karen McAndrew

Dr. Danielle McCormack (D.D.S. ’14/D; M.S.D. ’17/D)

Dr. Benjamin Overstreet (D.D.S. ’00/D; M.S .’03/D)

Dr. Christopher Richardson

Dr. Khin MiMi San (M.S.D. ’19/D)

Dr. James Slagle (D.D.S ’80/D; cert. ’83/D)

Dr. Kevin C. Sweeney

Dr. Melanie Towe (M.S. ’09/D)

Dr. Stephanie Voth (D.D.S. ’09/D; M.S. ’13/D)

Dr. Gang Yue

Dr. Mark R. Zemanovich (D.D.S. ’02/D; M.S. ’05/D)

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