AD Williams Projects 2014-2015

“Identifying therapeutic targets for combating human papillomavirus (HPV) positive head and neck cancer”

Dr Morgan


 “Novel biodegradable cell delivery device for periodontal regeneration”

Dr Lin


 “Characterization of the role of microbial nucleic acid sensing in periodontitis and genetic and epigenetic susceptibility for periodontal inflammation.”

The on-going projects include clinical, in vivo (mice models of periodontitis) and in vitro studies.

Dr Sahingur


 “Examination of  mechanisms by which oral streptococci cause a heart infection called endocarditis.”

Student projects will involve microbiological assays on genetically engineered bacterial strains and/or molecular biological procedures, such as PCR and construction of recombinant bacterial strains.

Dr Kitten


“Evaluating different methods of bonding composite resin to amalgam.”

“Evaluating different bonding agents for the SonicFil, a bulk filled composite resin.”

 “Evaluation of surface treatments to repair dual-cured core composites.”

“Assessment of color acuity and shade matching ability in D1 students.”  This must be a D3 student who will work in GENP 512 lab during their D4 year.

Dr Imbery


“Molecular mechanism of limb regeneration in an amphibian model.”

“The role of Wnt signaling in stem cell response to dental implant surfaces.”

“Effect of micro/nano structures on immune cells.”

“Effect of Emdogain in macrophage polarization.”

Dr Olivares-Navarrete (School of Engineering)


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