The Class of 2011 has settled nicely into their careers with James Dibelka currently serving in the U.S. Navy as a pediatric dentist in Okinawa, Japan. He is planning to open a practice in the Roanoke area upon completion of his duties.

Justin Edwards is working in private practice in Newport News, VA and recently became engaged to Kristin Coffield, a former staff member in Pediatric Dentistry@VCU and now a first year dental student.

Andrew Reed opened his own practice in Gallatin, Tennessee last year. As the practice is growing, he is also working part-time in Clarksville, Tennessee with AAPD District 3 Trustee, Dr. Jean Beauchamp.

Belinda Campbell, a recent Mom (Congrats on your beautiful baby Kerrigan!), plans on an Associateship in Colorado or the Northwest near her family.

Charles Davis, Jr. will enter practice in Tuscon, AZ with his father, Charles Davis, Sr.

Rana Graham-Montaque is busy developing her own practice with plans to open in Williamsburg, VA.

Christian Peck is entering private practice in the Northwest (hopefully near a ski resort).

Andrew Zale, Chief Resident, is moving to his hometown of Pottstown, PA to become an associate with his childhood dentist.

Good luck to all of the 2nd Year Residents in their future endeavors!

The Class of 2013 (1st Year Residents) are focusing on their research projects and clinical hours. In a few short months, they will take over the leadership roles in the program as the Class of 2014 arrives in July. We know they’ll be well prepared! Finally, congratulations to Kristin Hodgson, who was elected next year’s Chief Resident.

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