Center for Pharmacy Practice Innovation faculty publish two letters to the editor highlighting the importance of performing a thorough medication review and the value of pharmacists on the cardiovascular team in JAMA and JAMA Cardiology.

“Medication Reconciliation vs Medication Review,” written by CPPI core faculty member Kristin M. Zimmerman, Pharm.D., Assistant Center Director Teresa M. Salgado, Ph.D., and Center Director Dave Dixon, Pharm.D., was in response to an article entitled “Beyond Medication Reconciliation: The Correct Medication List.” Zimmerman and co-authors emphasized the importance of obtaining a “correct” medication list that is founded in a well-defined, structured, consensus-based medication reconciliation process. They proposed that quality measurement for medication reconciliation shift toward meaningful measures.

Expanding on the ideals expressed in two viewpoints published in JAMA Cardiology on team-based care, “Pharmacists as Integral Members of the Cardiovascular Team” focuses on exactly that; the contributions of pharmacist in cardiovascular team-based care. Penned by Dixon, Salgado and Antonio Abbate, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of cardiology in the VCU Pauley Heart Center, the letter highlighted the training and contributions of pharmacists in improving cardiovascular disease management.

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