The third plugin receiving an update to Compass’ design language and functionality is the “content well” plugin. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A new name
  2. CSS/HTML structural changes
  3. Content area specific styles

Name changes

The first big change to this plugin is it’s name. Upon the launch of the updates, this plugin will become the “callout” plugin. This is to align the plugin more closely to Compass’ naming convention and reduce confusion between the two projects.

Visual changes

Old styling

This plugin has historically come with simple styles to separate it visually from general content on the page. In addition, many template systems such as Katmai, slightly alters these styles for better integration:

Old styling for the content well component

While this approach has worked well, it’s visual identity can be too opinionated, conflicting with the styles of existing sites and certainly a different approach as seen on more VCU-branded websites.

New styling

The new styles are simpler, bolder, and do a much better job visually distinguishing it from surrounding content.

New styling for sidebar callout

In addition, an even bolder color scheme is available out of the box. This color scheme is automatically applied to any callout used within the sidebar area, but can be enabled on any callout by adding the plugin-callout–accent class using name injectors.

Code changes

Of course, with these visual changes comes structural changes. One of the biggest steps is a switch to the BEM class naming convention within the CSS for better maintainability and readability. In addition, there’s a slightly different HTML structure.

A detailed description of the code changes was sent to the T4Dev listserv (subscribe to receive future updates). Keep in mind these code changes may change upon release.


If you’d like to test these changes prior to launch on your website, please reach out to the Web Services team to gain access to the development content type.

Change management

This change is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 21, as documented in Change Management 6481. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to the Web Services team at

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