As part of an initiative to better communicate changes to classroom technology, we’ve created this blog to more easily reach those who want to know more about the changes and updates we make. Sometime these changes are minor, and of course other times we are completely upgrading a classroom with new computers, projects, audio-visual equipment, and other technology.

This year we have updated almost every academic software title on the PC and there have been some changes made to better position VCU for an upgrade to Windows 10 in the next year (targeted Summer 2017). As we are deploying new PC hardware to some rooms we will also be updating software in other rooms for a consistent experience in any room Academic Technologies manages and supports.

Here is a list of academic licensed software we’ve updated with the new version number:

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1
  • ChemOffice Professional 15.1
  • ERSI CityEngine 2015.2
  • JMP Pro 12.2
  • Maple 2015
  • MathType 6.9
  • R Project 3.2
  • SPSS 24
  • TI SmartView 5.1
  • Wolfram Mathematica 10.4.1

Here are some other interactive software titles we updated or added:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • PyCharm Community Edition
  • PyMOL
  • SketchUp 2016
  • Skype
  • VLC
  • Zoom

Among these updates there are also a few changes to the configuration of the podium PCs in centrally supported classrooms. We’ve updated our background information to include the VCU Computer & Network Resource Usage Policy, a link to the Classroom Support website, as well as contact information so you can reach us by phone. Other changes you will notice are:

  • Additional desktop icons that are now touch friendly in rooms with Dell Touch Monitors
  • In rooms with dual-monitors a Primary Desktop and Extended Desktop message are displayed to more easily locate content on either screen
  • Increased anti-virus presence which now includes scanning removable media to keep your USB flash drives and external hard-drives clean and virus free
  • Automatic Windows Updates and application updates during maintenance windows (11PM – 5:30AM)
  • Classroom Technology news feed on background (click-able!) so you can be in the know about updates to software, hardware upgrades, and other news about central classroom technology

If you have questions, concerns, or any suggestions/feedback please email us at to let us know! If you need software installed or are experiencing an issue in a centrally supported classroom, please call us at 804-828-1098 on the Monroe Park campus, or 804-828-3400 on the MCV campus so we can help.

For more information about the classrooms we support and how to submit a request for software or service, please visit our classroom support website here:


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