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Here we are a year into the pandemic. While we definitely have reason to be optimistic and it is clear better times are coming for VCU, the pandemic continues to challenge us. Technology Services has continued to rise to the various challenges we face every day.

I was delighted to see our own Barry Lanneau, Jr. receive the President’s Award for Service Excellence this month. Barry is just one of many VCU IT staff who has contributed to VCU’s efforts to keep moving forward and to keep people safe. From one of the recommendations: “In addition to Barry’s everyday work maintaining and managing VCU records, he has risen to the daily challenges brought on by COVID-19 by supporting VCU’s testing strategy. As many clinicians have shared, conducting the COVID-19 test itself is often the easiest part of the process. The administrative requirements and backend processes are arguably the most tedious and the least glamorous, and Barry was central to making those happen. Most impressive about Barry has been his effectiveness, eternal optimism and get it done attitude. He has followed through on every request sent his way often ahead of schedule and continually anticipates problems and solves them. Barry is now leaning in to support the vaccination process to ensure clinic invites, registration and back end data collection and reporting functions can occur.”

Barry Lanneau, Jr.

While Barry’s outstanding work and attitude have led to this well-deserved award, I am proud to say that there are many others working alongside him that often have the same kinds of things said about them (I would point out that Shane Conner of our Information Security Office was also nominated). Barry is emblematic of the kind of work we do every day to support VCU, and I am proud to be part of this team.

And while I’m on a roll highlighting members of our team, for those of you who have not viewed the annual service awards celebration, I urge you to do so here: I would call your attention to this video,, in which our colleague Eddie Smith, who has served us for 45 years, is prominently featured.

Eddie W. Smith

Eddie is one of many Technology Services staff celebrating career milestones this year, including 4 with 40 years of service: Alfreda Ogletree, Barbara Robinson, John Matro, and Scott Davis. I am thankful for such excellent colleagues, especially during this “year like no other.”

To all of my colleagues, you have my respect and gratitude, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in person sometime in the not too distant future.


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