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By: Leila Ugincius

Using data from a 2002 game show, a Virginia Commonwealth University researcher has taught a computer how to tell if you are lying.

“Human behaviors are a rich source of deception and trust cues,” said Xunyu Chen, assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems in VCU’s School of Business. “Utilizing [artificial intelligence methods], such as machine learning and deep learning, can better exploit these sources of information for decision-making.”

In one of the first papers that investigate high-stakes deception and trust quantitatively – Trust and Deception with High Stakes: Evidence from the ‘Friend or Foe’ Dataset” appeared in a recent issue of Decision Support Systems – Chen and his team use a novel dataset derived from an American game show, “Friend or Foe?” which is based on the prisoner’s dilemma. That game theory explores how two people could benefit from cooperating, which is challenging to coordinate, or suffer from failing to do so.

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