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Will more self defense classes be added?
While there is a long wait list, VCU Police offers three classes each semester. Each class is four (3 hour) sessions. Due to space limitations, and student availability, we have found that the three classes were an appropriate amount. We have created flexibility in our registration process to allow six over the maximum class size to register.

Could there be more RAD training options for students? Can this be mandatory for incoming freshman? It seems as though with roughly 4500 freshman coming in each year, there should be options for more than 20 students a month.
We are currently looking at the availability of RAD classes and making modifications to our registration process. For example, we will no longer keep students who are no-shows for the class they registered for on the waiting list. This should reduce that list significantly. Due to the number of freshman, the time it takes for the courses, RAD’s class size limits and the number of instructors we have on staff, it is not possible to offer RAD to an entire incoming class.

There have been a number of shootings at the 7 Eleven on Grace Street near Harrison. Why aren’t there more police, VCU & Richmond, in the evenings and weekend?
Since Aug. 1, there have been two major incidents at this 7 Eleven location, including a robbery on Aug. 23 and a shooting on Sept. 11. In our eyes, one incident too many. In order to decrease potential criminal behavior, we have increased the visibility of police officers on West Grace Street by adding additional patrol units.

  • The level of crime in Richmond and on campus area’s has increased tremendously in the recent past. What more will be done?
  • With the uptick in crime around the university, what is the plan for increasing police presence on campus? Why has the level of police on campus been reduced compared to prior years? Who is looking out for our kids?
  • How long is it going to take for the Vcu Police to get back to a heavy present back on the Camps? Why does my son have to hide out in his room at night because it’s very Dangerous at night ? Why should parents keep paying VCU tuition when they don’t have VCU police protection for our students!? I’m soooooo tired of getting the run around and only hearing we are doing the best we can. I feel that’s not true and what I seen when I came to visit VCU to allow my son to come here?
  • As a parent of a VCU student living in the dorms near where the incident occurred, I am very concerned what the Police have done as far as increasing their presence on the campus since April 2021?
  • How many breeches have there been this semester? How often are VCU police patrolling in the evening/night?

VCU Police is continuously recruiting new officers and strategically using the resources that we currently have at our disposal. Officers patrol both campuses 24/7 and we deploy officers in areas where incidents have occurred, or where community members have indicated they feel less safe. There are hundreds of security cameras on both campuses, which VCU Police use routinely to gather information about reported incidents and suspects. We actively work with the Richmond Police Department and utilize shared technologies, to include a shared dispatch system. We also have active working relationships with other local, state and federal partners to actively share information and resources. We ask all of our community members to report suspicious behavior immediately by calling us at (804) 828-1234 or by using the LiveSafe app. 

Can you share any updates for the shooting and killing of the VCU student? Why is there not a reward being offered? This area continues to have active drug deals. Please bring justice to Cody Wilson and his family. What is the latest update on the Cody Woodson case? Did the police ever catch the killer??
VCU Police have actively collaborated with Richmond Police, as that agency is the lead on this investigation. VCU Police does not release information on active investigations, but we can say that we have offered our support and resources to Richmond Police. If anyone has information about this case, to include any possible related criminal activity in the area, we encourage you to report it immediately to VCU Police or Richmond Police.  

I would like to receive a safety survey.
The perception of safety survey is sent out randomly to members of the VCU community by VCU’s Survey & Evaluation Research Laboratory (SERL). SERL uses VCU’s current email listings for students, faculty and staff members to disctribute the survey. The survey itself is geared to those community members who are frequently on VCU’s campuses and who are using university or health system facilities. Parents and family members who wish to contact VCU Police directly with safety concerns can email the chief’s office at You will receive a written response or phone call, typically within 24-48 business hours.

Where can students go to register their bikes? Sorry if this was answered live but I missed it.
Please visit the VCU Police Bike Registration page and click “Register My Bike” on the lefthand side of the page.

  • Can you share what protocols are now in place after the Rhoads Hall burglary?
  • My daughter is a Freshman living in Rhoads Hall. Recently there was an incident in which 3 young men (not students) entered Rhoads/Brandt around 4 in the morning. It was a targeted burglary (as I understand it), but they went around opening any dorm rooms they could and stealing property. I’ve heard that you have since arrested one of the men, but it’s frightening to me that these men made it past security. I understand that the dorm security personnel at that time of night are contractors. Can you provide any insights into this incident and how you may be coordinating with dorm security to see that this type of thing does not occur again?

VCU Police mandated that RMC Security conduct retraining sessions for applicable staff and review all procedures so that unauthorized access does not occur again. VCU Police detectives started investigating immediately after the incident, arrested one individual and recovered all of the stolen items. Police are actively seeking leads on two additional suspects.

With the latest information on natural immunity (through previous Covid infection), when will schools start recognizing natural immunity? My son had Covid but is still being required to test weekly even if asymptomatic.
Please visit the One VCU: Better Together website for the university’s updates on COVID-19 protocols.

Do you monitor local social media apps? Particularly an app called yikyak? This app consists of people within a 5 mile radius of VCU. What type of services are offered through VCU for our student to talk to for assistance with people posting about our student where abouts? Our student feels anxious about going out because of constant social media postings. I just wanted to know if social media for VCU students was monitored and what services are offered in regards to having someone to talk to on campus. Thank you.          
If students, faculty or staff see threatening posts on social media applications, or otherwise feel threatened, or harassed, by individuals online, they are encouraged to screen shot the posts and contact VCU Police. They can call (804) 828-1234 or use the LiveSafe app to send in screen shots at any time. Statements made on social media are taken seriously and are investigated on a case-by-case basis by VCU Police, and potentially by other departments at the university.  

Should the student call 911 or VCU for a medical emergency?
If a student is experiencing a medical emergency on campus, they can call VCU Police at (804) 828-1234 or 911, which will connect them to the City of Richmond’s emergency dispatch center. If they are off-campus, they should contact 911.

Can you please email us a cheat sheet with emergency contact list to families. VCUPD can be contacted at (804) 828-1234 for emergencies, or by calling (804) 828-1196 for non-emergency inquiries. Parents and family members can also download the free LiveSafe app to send in questions directly to VCU Police.

My daughter would like to know if there are any areas to absolutely avoid? And in regards to assaults/attacks, how much is random vs targeted?
We encourage students, faculty and staff to walk, ride bikes and drive on well-traveled routes. The university has RAMSWay signage to mark well-lit, well-traveled routes. RAMSWay, is a route connecting key locations such as classroom buildings, gyms, libraries, residence halls and parking decks. When traveling on a RAMSWay path, members of the VCU community will have more opportunities to speak with VCU Police officers and pass by emergency reporting telephones (ERTS phones). We do not encourage anyone to take shortcuts through less-traveled and low-lit areas, such as alleyways.

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