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Today we’re thrilled to spotlight the Marquez & Rullamas family! Tony, Liza and Gabriel Marquez and VCU student Glyzelle Rullamas are from Prince William County, Virginia and Glyzelle, a Biology major, is set to graduate as a member of the Class of 2024. Check out our interview with the Marquez & Rullamas family below:

What made you all choose VCU? 

It is closer to home and good for medical school.

What has been your favorite experience at VCU so far?

Moving in!

What advice would you give to students and/or other parents and families?

Study hard and finish the course and to be a proud RAM!

What else would you like us to know about your family? (This could be anything you want to share including hobbies, creative remote learning set-ups and more!)

We like to travel and see other places. Enjoyed parties with friends and relatives.

We want to highlight you! From first-years to super seniors, each month we will spotlight a different family to learn more about their experience with VCU. Interested in being our family of the month? Fill out our Family Spotlight submission form and submit a few photos of your Ram family. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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