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Have you registered for or completed our family and guest orientation program? This specially designed program has answers to many of your common questions related to your student’s experience at VCU! It is important you participate in our family and guest orientation to learn what must be completed by your student prior to their arrival on campus.

During Family Orientation, we will share information about academic programs, student life, safety and wellness, and opportunities for your involvement in the VCU community. You’ll also meet some of our amazing students and have the opportunity to ask questions of various students, faculty and staff. You will have access to the same content your students will see in their program so that you can talk with them about it but will also have tailored experiences just for you! 

Family members of new first-year and transfer students are strongly encouraged to complete the online Family Orientation and attend virtual orientation events throughout the summer. As important partners in your student’s success, we have designed this orientation program just for you. This program is separate from the student experience. Please know that Ram Ready modules are available 24 hours a day from now until the end of the summer. They were specifically designed to allow for flexibility within your schedule! Please try to complete these Orientation modules by the first day of the fall semester, August 17.

Still need to create your Ram Ready Profile and access the modules? To create your Ram Ready account you need to:

1. Go to

2. Select “Guest” Login to the right

3. Then, select “Create New Account”.

4. Under “Account Type” select: “Parent/Family.”

Use the email associated with your Orientation registration to set up your account. (You or your student can verify which email was used by logging back in the Orientation registration site, and viewing “Guests.”) Please email with any questions you may have and visit the VCU Families Facebook page for events, resources and important updates.

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