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By now your student has a few weeks of online learning under their belt, but it might be difficult to see where you fit into your student’s new routine. Should you wake them up for their classes? Ask if they’ve completed their assignments? Here are a few tips to help you and your students continue to succeed while learning remotely:

  1. Set expectations with your student – Talk with them about what has been working so far in their online classes and where they may need your assistance. Remember, they’re used to making and following their own schedules while at school and some students may not work most efficiently while getting started early in the morning! Discuss with them if they would like you to wake them up if they’re not up and moving by a certain time or and if there are certain times they plan to dedicate to study hours each day. If they don’t need your help at all then don’t worry, they’ve got this!
  2. Students aren’t home for a break – At this point in the semester, students are still very busy with classes and projects, especially as they start to gear up for final exams. This unprecedented situation has likely added more stress to their semester, and our senior students may be particularly upset by the loss of traditional end-of-the-year milestones. If your student is struggling to cope we encourage them to schedule a virtual session with University Counseling Services. While you should still discuss family responsibilities and routines with your students, please remember they will most likely not be available all day to watch smaller children or run errands. In addition to scheduled class times, they will likely be having virtual group meetings and project workshops.
  3. Identify resources – Many of our university departments and services have gone virtual to continue to help and support students from afar. VCU Career Services, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, Rams in Recovery, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Rec Sports and many others are offering virtual programming for the remainder of the semester. Students should visit the university’s Keep on Learning website, Division of Student Affairs FAQ and the university-wide COVID-19 website for the latest information and updates.
  4. Stay home – Your social butterflies may be going stir crazy at home, but encourage them not to meet up with college or high school friends or leave the house unless it is for essential business. As much as you love your home it’s understandable you and your students want to leave every once in a while. Instead of meeting up with others or going to stores, go for a walk or encourage them to do classwork outside when they can. The weather is getting warmer and now is the time to get up and moving! Visit the Keep on Being Well website for more activities and resources to break up your routines and view VCU President Dr. Michael Rao’s message about the importance of flattening the curve.
  5. Stay connected – We’re not going anywhere! Continue to send your questions to, connect with us on the VCU Families page and check out the new Parent & Family Experience on VCU Mobile. We’re here for you and together we can help our Ramily stay healthy.
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