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Doesn’t it seem like just a few days ago your student came home tired from exams and ready for the comforts of home? However you and your student spent the weeks of Winter Break, you are probably back to the routine you established before they left for college – which means you’ve got another adjustment ahead of you! It’s time for students to pack up and move back for another semester at VCU, and it’s okay if you’re struggling. Here are some tips to make it through the Spring semester and support your student as they finish the year strong:

Put the Responsibility Back on Your Student

Over Winter Break they may have asked you to schedule doctors’ appointments for them or cook their favorite meals. Now that they are headed back to school it’s time for them to handle meals and appointments as they get back into the routine of classes and extracurriculars! Take a step back and provide support when requested, but encourage students to take advantage of resources on campus like Advising, the Dean of Students Office, the University Health Center and more to meet their needs!

What Worked Last Semester (and What Didn’t?)

Set expectations about communication, finances and more before they head back. Did your student feel check-ins were too frequent? Do they want to talk to you more often to discuss problems or triumphs? Reflecting back on the last semester can ensure you both have a happy and healthy semester moving forward. Make sure to focus on what went well last semester and express appreciation for one another to go into the new semester on a positive note!

Make Time for Yourself

While your student was away, you may have developed new or deepened interests and hobbies. If those fell to the wayside while you enjoyed having your student home then now is the time to recommit! Don’t feel guilty making time for yourself- your mental and physical health is as important as your students.

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