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Final exams for the Fall 2019 semester begin on Tuesday, December 10 and run through Tuesday, December 17. For off-campus classes and classes that are not listed on the online final exam schedule, contact the instructor. For a detailed list of exam dates and times please view our full final exam schedule.

Wondering how to help your student who is stressed about exams?

  • Listen – your student may need to vent about some of the stress or feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Send something – a care package could lift their spirits after a long day spent studying or even a photo of family pets or loved ones could brighten their day.
  • Praise good effort, not just good grades – everyone wants to do well and get good grades in their classes. Encourage your student to focus on doing what they can.
  • Remind them about campus resources- there are many offices and events on campus focused on making studying easier and less stressful for students like the University Writing Center or the Campus Learning Center!
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