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Residents of Brandt, Cabaniss, Cary & Belvidere, The Honors College, Johnson and Rhoads will need to move out by May 11 at 10 a.m. For students remaining in their spaces, all personal items must be removed from commons spaces and stored in assigned bedrooms. Common room cleanings will occur. Sign-up for a checkout time 48 hours before departure. Building specific instructions will be sent by Hall Directors on April 22.

Turn in room and mailbox keys. Any keys not turned in by 10 a.m. on May 11 will result in charges and rooms being rekeyed.

Students should make travel arrangements to ensure they are checked out of their building by this time. To receive specific details on your building/floor move-out, students must attend their floor move-out meeting with their R.A.

The check-out process is simple! Hall Directors will send out building-specific instructions to the students’ VCU emails in. Residents must sign-up for a checkout time at least 48 hours before their planned departure.

During the check-out inspection, R.A.s will be looking for the following things:

  1. All personal belongings are removed from the room and common spaces (living room, kitchen and bathrooms);
  2. All trash has been removed and placed in trash rooms;
  3. All tape, staples, thumbtacks, etc., from walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture;
  4. Rented micro-fridges are defrosted, cleaned, dried, and left with the door open;
  5. All original furniture is accounted for and in good condition;
  6. General cleanliness of the room and any damages that might have occurred.
  7. Turn AC to “LOW” position for Cabaniss and Johnson and 75 degrees for Brandt and Honors.

If the room has damages that are not considered general wear-and-tear, the residents of the room will be billed to have the damages repaired. If one roommate does not take responsibility for damages during check-out, both/all roommates will be charged.

Here are some tips to help residents avoid extra charges to their student account after they move out:

  1. Remove all personal belongings. Housing will have donation bins on the first floor of each building for any unwanted, usable items.
  2. Remove all trash, sweep the floor, and leave the room “move-in ready.”
  3. Take special care when removing tape and items from walls, so that walls are not damaged during the removal process.
  4. Remember to turn in room and mailbox keys.

If you have any questions about spring on-campus move-out, please email, call (804) 828-7666 or visit www.housing.vcu.eduFor questions and concerns about moving out/in during the semester, please see your hall staff.

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