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Employers and graduate programs in every field want candidates who know how to work successfully with people from all over the world.  The most successful candidates are those with the proven experience of engaging with the world as it is: an increasingly complex place that is swiftly becoming more interconnected.

VCU Globe is a global education living‐learning community that opens windows to the complexity of globalization and fosters intercultural learning through sustained and structured interactions between program participants, international students, and community members in Richmond. Housed in West Grace North Residence Hall, this unique program features opportunities to meet people from around the world, to participate in special events and celebrations, to work together in teams, and to be instrumental in making VCU and Richmond more global. Above all, VCU Globe provides students majoring in any discipline the chance to be part of something important that will be invaluable on their resumes.

VCU Globe also is designated as a Peace Corps Prep Program, which means that students who complete all program requirements plus a foreign language through the 200-level, also receive a certificate of completion from the Peace Corps. Check out the website for more information:

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