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Dear students,

I hope that this note finds you in good health and that you had a successful end of the semester. Due to the current low response rates in select parts of Richmond, the US Census Bureau has provided updates that we would like to pass along.

For off campus and students not living in a residence hall, there are two ways to access the 2020 Census:

I would also like to remind you that if you lived on campus in a VCU residence hall, VCU will still include you in a process for collecting information from “Group Quarters.” This video from the U.S. Census Bureau detailing what college students need to know to be counted in the right place is also a helpful resource.

You can read more about Census 2020 online here and learn more about the uses for Census Bureau data here.

Be a Ram and be counted!


Dr. Reuban B. Rodriguez, Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

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