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Health Promotion and Well-Being Center (The Well)

As all of us continue to reflect upon how privilege, power, and complicity impact our shared work and prevent us from realizing our vision of a better world, we must make continuous decisions to pursue meaningful change. Continued on their website.

Recreational Sports

We care about you and your well-being, and we are here for you during these difficult times. We truly believe that recreation is a universal right, and that sports, fitness, and outdoor adventure have the ability to bridge differences, encourage dialogue, foster resilience, and build healthier and happier communities. Continued on their website.

Residential Life and Housing

We in Residential Life and Housing are committed to supporting our residents and actively seeking to make changes that will dismantle a system of injustice. Continued on their website.

Student Media Center

The VCU Student Media Center stands in solidarity with Black communities, and against law enforcement’s treatment of people of color. We know that the violence experienced by communities of color, and in particular Black communities, is nothing new. Continued on their Facebook page.


Now is an important time for the LEAD family to come together and support one another given all that has happened and is still unfolding surrounding the murder of George Floyd, and the long history of racial violence against our Black community. Continued on their Facebook page.

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