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Please click here to view the email that was sent out regarding the VCU Living-Learning Programs Update.

Why are the living-learning programs merging?

With the spirit of innovation in mind, the VCU ASPiRE, VCU Globe, and VCU LEAD Living-Learning Programs (LLPs) will be merging into one new LLP. This LLP reorganization brings together the combined strength of each of these three communities while creating efficiencies and maintaining a focus on student success and career readiness. The new LLP, home to approximately 400 students, will be housed in Grace & Broad Residence Center (GBRC). The administrative home will be the Division of Student Affairs and the academic home will be University College.

How will the merger impact students?

Students who are entering ASPiRE, Globe, or LEAD in the 2020 cohort will be able to complete their certificate within the current LLP structure. However, students entering in the Fall 2021 cohort will enroll in a new curriculum with redefined learning outcomes and co-curricular requirements.

What impact will this change have on upper-class housing?

Current students in the 2020 cohort participating in ASPiRE and Globe will transition to spaces in Grace & Broad Residence Center (GBRC) on August 1, 2021, when new housing contracts begin. Students who have completed their housing requirements will not have to relocate to GBRC. Spaces previously occupied by ASPiRE & Globe will return to the general population for upper-class housing on-campus. The availability of these spaces (fall 2021) will be communicated by Residential Life and Housing.

How will the merger impact community partners?

ASPiRE, Globe, and LEAD have created many valued community partnerships with a wide variety of organizations. Since the total number of LLP students will be reduced, we anticipate this will shift our current model for community engagement. Through a coordinated effort with the new Center for Community Engagement and Impact, we are committed to working with our community partners to expand their access to other resources at VCU. Each program will contact their unique partners to share more information about the upcoming change.

How will the merger impact faculty and other campus partners?

The current LLP’s have a rich array of on-campus partners. While there will be a time of transition and re-evaluation, we do anticipate being able to maintain partnerships with many of the same VCU units.

How does the change impact the curriculum/program?

Students who began their studies in ASPiRE, Globe or LEAD programs prior to the merger will have the option to finish the program as outlined in the respective bulletin for the year they started their LLP. A new curriculum is in development maintaining content from the current LLPs to create a new opportunity. The curriculum is being developed by a team with representatives from each LLP, University College, and Student Affairs.

Will the same services be offered?

The intent is to keep the best elements of the former programs and include new elements that will enhance the student experience. The essence of the LLPs will be retained: living, learning and engaging together.

Will the program cost differently?

The program costs will be the price of on-campus housing in Grace & Broad set annually by the Residential Life and Housing. Also, the program will be an approximately 9-11 credit hour certificate with costs for the academic credits spread over 4 semesters. There is not a program fee.

New name, number of students, new program details?

The new program will be named at a later date. Once fully operational, it will support more than 400 upper-class students annually.

Who do we go to for questions?

Students entering the 2020 cohort can direct their questions to the current living and learning program staff. Students hoping to enter the LLP in the fall of 2021 should check back to the Division’s web-page by July 1, 2020. Any additional questions can be directed to the Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team at dsa@vcu.edu.

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