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Free training available on LGBTQ+ youth homelessness through Nov. 30

If you’d like to learn more about the issues of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, a valuable, free training resource is available as part of a November-long competition among Richmond and four other cities selected for the national Grand Challenge to End Youth Homelessness.

Richmond youth who have faced homelessness and housing instability use research and advocacy to help others in similar situations

Members of the Advocates for Richmond Youth held a “pop-up, drop-in center” at Side By Side, a space in Richmond for LGBTQ+ youth, that offered free food, clothing, hygiene items, computer access for job searches, and legal assistance to any 14-to-24-year-olds experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

VCU faculty and student receive an 2016 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Scholarship Award honorable mention

Faculty and student collaborate on paper, Queering the Social Work Classroom: Strategies for Increasing Inclusion of LGBTQ People.

Inside the fight to win VCU’s official recognition of the university’s first LGBTQIA student organization

In the fall of 1974, a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and straight Virginia Commonwealth University students founded the school’s first LGBTQIA student organization, the Gay Alliance of Students.

New School of Medicine course focuses on transgender health care

When you’re transgender, finding a doctor who understands your specific needs can be a challenge, so now the VCU School of Medicine is taking a new step to help. Rob Phillips’ Chesterfield consignment store continues to grow, and now along with professional success he can finally celebrate who he is personally too.

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