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Dear School of Social Work community,

My heart is heavy today as I try to process the lives lost in Uvalde, Texas, as well as those forever changed.  Many of you know that the place I consider home is an hour and a half from Uvalde, and I love and am deeply connected to this community. I have processed grief, anger and fear with friends and family today. I have also continued to convey hope.  Many in the VCU community reached out to me today, and in doing so reminded me continually of the great people and social workers we are surrounded by. Social workers who are working daily to heal what is broken.  

In the days ahead, we’ll learn more about what happened in Uvalde, and we will all work together to prevent future tragedy. For now, I ask that you continue to love and care for your neighbors, and if you would like to provide support to the families in Uvalde you can find ways to do that here

I am also sharing the post below from VCU and these resources you might find helpful:

Enough. It's past time to end gun violence and mass shootings. We must find a way.

In community,

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Rebecca Gomez, Ph.D., LCSW
Interim Dean

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