School of Social Work

No. 28 M.S.W. Program in the U.S.


Rosemary L. Farmer, Ph.D., LCSW, came to the School of Social Work in 1986 to teach in the M.S.W. Program. She received her master’s degree in social work from Hunter College – CUNY and her Ph.D. from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work.

She has been a clinical social work practitioner for more than 40 years, with experience in state and federal psychiatric facilities, family service agencies, outpatient mental health clinics and private practice, specializing in work with persons who have chronic and serious mental illnesses and their families. Farmer has taught foundation and clinical concentration courses in the M.S.W. Program, including clinical social work practice, human behavior, mental health policy, psychopharmacology for social workers, and social work practice and the neurosciences. She has a long-standing interest in public mental health services, which she has used in her role as a faculty field liaison for students doing fieldwork internships at various community agencies. Farmer’s research interests have included major mental illnesses and incorporating findings from the neurosciences into social work theorizing, teaching and clinical practice. She has published numerous articles concerning social work practice and psychopharmacology, schizophrenia, gender and psychotropics. Her book, “Neuroscience and Social Work Practice: The Missing Link,” was published by Sage in 2009. Though she is leaving the university, Farmer will continue her private practice as a clinical social work practitioner as well as her involvement with community agencies such as the Daily Planet.

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