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VCU alumna and Richmond entrepreneur Sheena Lyle, L.C.S.W. (M.S.W.’96/SW) asks the question, “Who Told You that You Couldn’t Be You?” in her new book, released in October.

Lyle’s first book is designed to help people discover who they truly are and help them take charge of the present.

“You have permission to be who you truly are,” she said. “I was inspired to write this book after being honest with myself about who I truly am. I discovered that I am more than my physical characteristics, my college education, my career, and the daily societal pressures and demands placed on me.”

“Who Told You that You Couldn’t Be You?” asks the question: When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see behind your physical characteristics into the person you are inside? This is your authentic self – who you are and the greatness you were created to be. This is more than just a book, but a workbook with practical exercises that lead the reader to self-discovery of who they truly are.

“My goal is for every person who reads this book to walk away with appreciating who they are by knowing who they are (the authentic self),what they uniquely offer, and live daily with this knowledge and practical skills for a successful journey.” – Sheena Lyle

Lyle will hold a book signing and release party Oct. 26 at the Crossroads Art Center. Along with motivational secrets from the book, attendees will enjoy an artistic showcase of talents from a mother-daughter dance team, the vocals of a local iTunes artist and the poetic insight of a gifted poet.  The event is free and open to public, but space is limited so be sure to RSVP at

Lyle is a VCU graduate with a Master of Social Work as well as a student of The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, where she graduated from the Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Development Program.

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