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No. 28 M.S.W. Program in the U.S.

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work reinforces their dedication to student success and expands their peer mentor program. The program now has 4 B.S.W. mentors and the 7 M.S.W. mentors and has matched almost 300 prospective and current students with mentors since August of 2012.

The program connects students in search of mentorship with an energetic, passionate B.S.W. or M.S.W. student who can help with everything from advice on scheduling courses to how to juggle school with work, family and a social life.

“Our peer mentors provide prospective and current students an insightful and knowledgeable look into the challenging, yet invigorating reality of being a student in one of the nation’s top schools of social work.”  – Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, M.S.W., Director of the Office of Student Success at VCU School of Social Work

Every peer mentor is academically successful, empathetic and has great communication skills. Flournoy DiJoseph routinely meets with the mentors and provides them professional development and mentorship training. She also developed a matching system to ensure that each student is paired with a compatible mentor. This system allows students to find academic and social support from a peer who knows the ropes.

“My mentor was very available to me, and helped me to work through many of the problems that I faced in my first year. She was also an excellent listener and helped in my adjustment to graduate school. She and I met outside of school several times. She gave me a tour of the school and showed me all of the places that students go. She was also very available as a friend and I appreciate her so much for incorporating me into her world and making me feel welcome!”

With no time or length commitments, the peer mentor program experience is tailored to the needs of the mentees. They have the option to ask their mentor a few quick questions or form a bond that lasts.

Meet the mentors

B.S.W. peer mentors

eaddieOmi Eaddie

Year: Senior

Social work interests: Administration and policy, nonprofit management and adolescents

bashkoffAllie Bashkoff

Year: Junior

Social work interests: Communication, clinical social work, pediatric oncology and interactions with others

richardsEddy Richards

Year: Senior

Social work interests: Mental illness, LGBTQIA, persons with HIV, community work and refugees

Hollen Tillman; BSW MentorsHollen Tillman

Year: Senior

Social work interests: Intimate partner violence intervention and therapy, women’s policy work and helping men and women coming out of the prison system with community-based assistance

To learn more about our B.S.W. peer mentors click here.

M.S.W. peer mentors

Brett Snyder; MSW MentorsBrett Synder

Concentration: Social Work Administration Planning, Policy and Practice

Internships held: Commonwealth Catholic Charities

crooksPaula Crooks

Concentration: clinical, Distance Education

Internships held: Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Alexandra Carter; MSW MentorsAlex Carter

Concentration: clinical

Internships held: Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Refugee Resettlement and Virginia Treatment Center for Children

Shayla Betts; MSW MentorsShayla Betts

Concentration: clinical

Internships held: Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond, Kids in Focus, Virginia Union University and Chesterfield County Public Schools

Anna Regan; MSW MentorsAnna Regan

Concentration: clinical

Internships held: Henrico Doctors Hospital

Hope Porter; MSW MentorsHope Porter

Concentration: clinical

Internships held: YWCA of Richmond and ChildSavers

Johanna Schmidt; MSW MentorsJohanna Schmidt

Concentration: clinical

Internships held: MetroCASH and Dreamel Henry, LSCW, LLC

To learn more about our M.S.W. peer mentors click here .

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