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Michael Rao, Ph.D.

The Institute of Contemporary Art, a non-collecting museum, will spark discussion and foster an environment of open dialogue.  It will be a dynamic classroom that will inspire VCU and the community to engage and learn more about contemporary art. ICA officially opens in October, and I know it will be a major influence in the world of contemporary art.

As an integral member of the community, ICA is hosting listening sessions. Feedback from the sessions will help shape the path of ICA. The series of listening sessions will start with the university community and then extend into the Richmond community. You have the chance to take part in the exciting chapter the university is about to enter. For staff to prepare properly for the listening sessions that will start on Tuesday, registration is encouraged. Session times and locations are below:

Monroe Park
Tuesday, March 28; 12-1:30pm, VCUarts Depot
Monday, April 10; 5-6:30pm, University Student Commons Theater

Thursday, March 30, 12-1:30pm; Larrick Student Center, Jackson Ward Rooms A and B

As always, thank you for making a great place to live, learn, create, and innovate.

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