It is nearing the end of the semester which means​ that all of​ our students​ planning to graduate in May​ 2015 will soon receive ​a ​request from ​the Office of Academic Programs to complete the ​SON ​End of Program ​​survey​​.​ On April 10, the survey will be distributed to all graduating students​​ and they will have three weeks to complete​. ​​As part of our continued quality improvement efforts, the feedback from this survey will used ​​to measure how well our students feel ​the school has ​prepared ​them ​to meet the ​Student Learning Outcomes. ​A high response rate is our goal and we need your help in attaining it. ​Over the next three weeks, I encourage faculty to ​have conversations with students about the​ End Of Program​ survey and the importance of providing constructive feedback. ​​We want our students to know that their insight and perspective are invaluable and their input will make a difference in ongoing program improvement.

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