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In May, VCU nursing rising seniors Lisa Hurst, Christina Lack and Rachel Lim, along with Amanda Slater, a recent VCU nursing graduate, and Allison Gregory, M.S.N., RN, FNP-BC, assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Health, spent three weeks in Cordoba, Spain learning about the country’s health care system. VCU and the University of Cordoba have an existing exchange as part of the Center for Integrative Mediterranean Studies. The relationship between the schools of nursing is the newest program and focuses on comparing nursing education and the primary health care systems in the two countries. While in Cordoba, VCU students shadowed the University of Cordoba nursing students in their primary care clinical rotations in three health centers. Spain has a nationalized health care system and nurses play a large part in delivering primary health care in the community. In addition to clinicals in the health centers, VCU students toured the emergency coordination center and learned about the medical response system. University of Cordoba students will visit the VCU School of Nursing from July 4-19.
Below are photos from the trip:
Photo 1: The group in the patio of the building where the emergency coordination center was located.
Photo 2: Lisa Hurst (in foreground on left), Amanda Slater (center) and Christina Lack (foreground on right) talk with the director of the health medical response coordination center.
Photo 3: From left to right: Lourdes (a UC nursing student), Lisa Hurst (VCU), David (UC nursing student who is coming to VCU next month) and Gloria (UC nursing student who came to VCU last summer).

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