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Educating nurses from entry-level through the doctorate. Ranked in the top 4% of undergraduate nursing programs nationally.

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The VCU School of Nursing Heritage Room

The VCU School of Nursing Heritage Room is currently displaying an inaugural exhibition of nursing artifacts and items from the history of the MCV, St. Philip and VCU Schools of Nursing. A committee is currently at work on the next exhibition, which will open in the spring of 2008. If you would like to be […]

Cortney’s final blog about South Africa

One month ago I boarded a plane to South Africa. I was expecting to enter a world of people speaking other languages that I couldn’t understand, African dances that I wanted to learn, and a different culture filled with safaris and rituals. Most of all I wanted a better understanding of the South African health […]

Elayne’s final blog upon returning from South Africa

I came, I saw, I left . . . but not unchanged. As we all have said, this trip to South Africa has been an opportunity of a life time. We have seen a coastline that is absolutely beautiful and wide open land that stretches for miles. There are forests and waterfalls/oceans and mountains, all […]

Becca’s final blog on South Africa

My nursing experience in South Africa was worth the trip to me. Since I have so little experience as a nursing student in the US, everything we did and saw there was beneficial to me. Their whole health care system works differently then ours.

Janel’s final blog about South Africa

It’s hard to believe that our time in Africa has come to an end. Being back home, in familiar surroundings has really allowed for the experience to sink in and has given me a lot of perspective. The things I saw are images that will forever be burned into my mind. Some good – some […]

Mica’s final blog before leaving South Africa

Hello hello! Sorry I have not had the chance to email much this week…it’s been a busy one. But I am leaving to come home in less than one hour!!! So, to update you on my week…

School kids

“Stumpy” and students

Margaret’s final blog before returning

The healthcare system here in SA is unique, the nurses here have more autonomy and authority than in the US, but they also can have up to 90 pts on a night shift. This recently made headlines, a nurse had 90 patients on a night shift at a state hospital, Dora Nginza. There is also […]

A simple wish — Elayne’s blog

Last Wednesday we changed townships and visited with another group of volunteer workers. We were introduced to a volunteer named Stumpy, a 3 ½ foot dwarfed lady who carries the weight of this community on her shoulders. Cheerful, lively, and hopeful she explains that she is a volunteer that has had special training to help […]

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