The healthcare system here in SA is unique, the nurses here have more autonomy and authority than in the US, but they also can have up to 90 pts on a night shift. This recently made headlines, a nurse had 90 patients on a night shift at a state hospital, Dora Nginza. There is also a major difference between state and private hospitals here. A private hospital is comparable to all of our hospitals. The state hospitals, well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t seek healthcare from there. Nursing assessment and care is done the same way here that we do on the US, we do however, have much more modern equipment, I have seen metal bedpans and emesis basins in use here and that is standard. There is really not a thing here like a nurse practitioner, the nurses can go on in schooling to receive special certificates in child birth, OR, prescribing meds, etc, but there is no official specialty for a nurse practitioner. It has been an enlightening experience here in SA, I hope to return again soon.

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