Laura Ellwein Fix, PhD

Computational Dynamics in Cardiorespiratory Physiology

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Our group develops mathematical models to simulate and analyze dynamics in cardiopulmonary physiology, including simulations of transport processes and control in response to system disturbances. We are particularly motivated by the use of patient-specific and often non-invasive data to predict behavior at the individual level. Our work spans scales from lumped parameter systems of differential equations to three-dimensional distributed parameter fluid dynamics simulations. This work is highly interdisciplinary and as a result we collaborate with researchers in biomedical engineering, medicine, and exercise science.

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I am an associate professor at VCU in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and an active part of the department’s research group in Mathematical Biology. Prior to VCU I held a postdoctoral fellowship at Marquette University awarded by the American Heart Association working in the biomedical engineering lab of John F. LaDisa, Jr (now at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin). I received my PhD in 2008 in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University under Mette S. Olufsen with concentrations in physiology and computational mathematics. I also have a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In the four years before graduate school, I worked as a quality engineer for General Mills.

My CV, updated Spring 2023