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How do I give students access to my course?

When a course remains unpublished, students do not have access. Faculty have the ability to publish and unpublish a course depending on when you want students to view it.

When you want students to have access to your course, you must publish it. Publishing a course means it is available to students and they can see it on their dashboard. Once the course is published, you can determine how much content you want students to view. 

How do I make course content available?

Once you create content within your course, you can control how much you want students to see. When you determine what you want students to view, you must publish each individual assignment, discussion, quiz, and module. This feature gives you complete control of your course. However, in order for students to see anything, you must publish the entire course. 

How do I change Term Dates?

Once you publish your course, students will be able to view it on their dashboard as well as any content you made available to them. However, you can change these default term dates if you want students to have access before or after these dates. Your dates can be shorter than or overlap the term dates. If you follow the default dates set by VCU, you only need to publish your course.

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