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We would like to update you that last Thursday, October 19th, our system monitoring team identified an issue with Kaltura’s storage system that caused some latency in storage access. Upon identification of the issue, our technical teams contacted the external storage vendor and together we are working on restoring and upgrading our storage performance.
During the event, some customers may have experienced playback issues.

Please note that Kaltura’s technical teams are still working with the storage vendor to fully resolve this issue. There is currently no ETA for completion, though this is a top priority overseen by our VP Customer Care and EVP Operations. As the issue is being fully rectified, customers may experience sporadic performance issues that may affect playback. There is no risk to any customer data as a result of this process.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while we are working to bring this issue to full resolution.”


The issue has been resolved. as of last Wednesday, Oct 25th. Playback issues were fully resolved on Oct 23rd at 5:00 am EDT.

Kaltura’s team has thoroughly tested the system and verified that all platform components are stable and working as expected.

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