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A scientific voice to improve international aid

Carrie Dolan, Ph.D., advocates for countries with boundless health care challenges and limited resources.

It’s a well-rounded life

Mitesh Amin, M.D. (B.S.’95/H&S; M.D.’99/M; H.S.’10), might well qualify as a modern-day Renaissance man … and not just because he followed an atypical career path.

As he conducts cancer research, Omar Mian’s education — and his father — are never far from mind

Omar Mian shared his perspectives with M.D.-Ph.D. students at their 2019 fall retreat.

VCU will lead $50M study of traumatic brain injuries in military personnel

The Long-term Impact of Military-relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC) will study the ongoing health impacts of combat concussions, such as those from blasts, bullets and hand-to-hand fighting as well as vehicle accidents, sports injuries and falls.

Preparing students for a healthy start to medical school

In her 24 years of working in medical school admissions, Whitehurst-Cook has led a shift to approach medical school orientation in a more holistic way. Now, orientation is a two-week experience that focuses on character building and student wellness. “We want students to have a healthy start to medical school and we hope it affirms why they choose to become a medical doctor,” Whitehurst-Cook said.

Connective tissue

Morgan Yacoe (B.F.A.’11/A) a conceptual artist and educator who is trained in sculpture and medical science, is dedicated to investigating the relationship between art and medicine.

Physician, pilot, average Joe?

By Erica Naone Juk “J” Ting, D.O. (B.S.’90/H&S), 49, insists he’s an “average Joe.” Coming from a Virginia Commonwealth University alumnus who’s both a practicing physician and an airline pilot, the claim is a bit hard to swallow. Ting worked as a stadium doctor at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for 11 years. His passion […]

Fun with forensics

A well-known forensic toxicologist, Peace has traveled the world presenting research on groundbreaking subjects such as uses and misuses of electronic cigarettes.

A mission to protect vulnerable children

By Erica Naone Robin Foster, M.D. (M.D.’89/M; H.S.’92/M), has barely slept. She worked a night shift in VCU Health’s pediatric emergency department, she explains, as she navigates the hallways of the Children’s Pavilion at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. She excuses herself briefly to check on a family. She can’t stay with them long […]

Virus detective: VCU alumnus stands at the forefront of flu research

By Julie Young A pioneering virologist with medical and doctoral degrees from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine has unlocked secrets to a deadly flu virus through plots and twists befitting an Indiana Jones movie. As a med student in the mid-1980s, Jeffery Taubenberger, M.D., Ph.D. (M.D.’86/M; Ph.D.’87/M) couldn’t have imagined that his chief […]

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