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iheartAlumni responded enthusiastically to a post on Facebook in the spirit of Thanksgiving. VCU Alumni asked, “Is there a VCU professor you are thankful for?”

Kadie Chandler: Saladino. His blank map and making us name every single country has been more help in life (and my career) than I ever would have thought when I said “like I’m ever going to use this”

Tricia Lomax: Dr. Darcy Mays. I never would have passed statistics without him.
Pam Rogers Thompson: The late Dr. Richard Carlyon teaching Contemporary Artists and History. He had lived, created art, and experienced all he was teaching us about the modern abstract expressionists. It was fascinating!

Chase Bland: Dr. Ameen! He made physics extremely fun.

Du Kesha Dungee: Dr. Michah McCreary taught me Personality and Behavior of the African American and my life was forever changed. I’m forever inspired by his knowledge, passion, conviction and example.

KerriAnn Brouillard: Crosby Marvin Simms & Dr. Nora Alder.

R’achel Cuba: Governor Wilder and Professor Joe Cates had an amazing impact on my life. I am grateful for them!

Shannon Marie Carter: I am thankful for all the Spanish professors in The School of World Studies but the top two were Patricia Michelsen-King & Lulú Elenes . These two were always supportive and helpful in regards of my education and personal needs and I am forever thankful and appreciative. I will never forget these two.

Michelle Wang: Also…Dr. Walter Griggs just….rules

William Charles Moehl: Marianne Miller. Always my favorite professor, such an amazing asset to VCU Business school.

Stacie Tarbet Carson: Dr. Ena Gross and the late Dr. John Van de Walle (school of education). They helped me be a better math teacher and gave me the confidence to pursue my PhD.

Anthony Ludwig: Dr. Jill Gordon; she put me through my paces, and it made me a stronger person as I moved forward in my life.

Casandra Deloatch: Robyn Diehl is the greatest!!!!

Jo Catherine Vaden Culler: Dr. Nora Alder (school of education)… prepared me to be a teacher and expect the unexpected… love her;)

Tin Myint: Dr. Karla Mossi. She was my unofficial advisor.She gave me more advise than my official advisor.

Brittany Edwards: Professor Kinney who retired 3 years ago. That man was a rockstar. VCU English department is the best!!!

Bill Pedler: Dr. Filippas… as an advisor she pushes her students to be the most well round engineers coming out of the EE program. As a professor she pushes her students to be the best engineers VCU can produce.

Kadie Chandler: There’s too many to pick just one.

Todd Emerson: Michael Keller

Shamon Washington: He inspired me to look for a purpose as opposed to a job RIP Dr. Drake ’95

Ann Householder Murphy: Dr. Rasoul Tondkar………he made Intermediate Accounting fun!

Steven Barker: Theatre VCU faculty from 1996-2001. Kenneth Campbell and Marvin Sims in particular. Also, Dr. Don Shillady and Dr. Leila Christenbury.

Dara Saunders: Sally Bowring. I had her for art foundation and she helped me find my artistic voice and really encouraged me during that first year of art school that was otherwise really difficult.

Gina Kang: Dr. Goodell. Best life lessons ever.

Elissa Thompson: Ann Woodlief and Greg Donovan come quickly to mind!

Eric Drumheller: In 1995/96 I took Psy101 with Dr. Worthington. He shared his story about forgiveness. Changed my life.

Shelley Lawrence Buckhantz: Karen Videtic…School of the Arts..

Michael Cancino: Dr. Debra Getty was the best professor, advisor & she became a friend as well. HPE’96

Bryan Hill: Dr. David Burton in the Art Education department. He gave me the vision to be an art teacher 17 years ago… Best decision of my LIFE.

Susan Garrett: Joyce Wise Dodd – my favorite professor and now one of my favorite Facebook friends! Mass Communications.

Michelle Wang: Dr. Robert Kelley and Dr. Randy Barker. These two business professors ran their own company or taught internationally while taking the time to teach us young minds. They brought real life applications to the classroom and they were excellent public speakers. They were also approachable and gave great advice as mentors – advice that I’ve heeded the past two years of my professional career! Thanks to VCU Business for these great finds!

Cathleen Carosella: Drs. Ann Woodlief and Charlotte Morse

Scott Collins: This Professor was the best. I learned more in his class than many others put together. Professor Stephen Lyng came to Carthage in 2004 after more than 15 years as an assistant and then associate professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to his nine-year tenure as director of the graduate program in sociology at VCU, he has taught at Union College and Florida Atlantic University. He specializes in medical sociology, social theory, social psychology, and the sociology of risk.

Sybil Modispacher: From back in the day…Dr. Jack Schiltz and Dr. Barney Groves…two if the kindest… Best teachers of my 9 years of higher education!!!!

Ray Ward: Exactly the 2 men I thought of when I saw the above post. HPE’73

Charlotte Lawson Jensen: Leila Christenbury!

Mary Pitts: Dr. Betsy Hagan

Beth Parrish Mayer: David Francks, Diana Scully, Joe Marolla

Nina Goodwyn Sims: Bob Bohle – media graphics (circa 1991). #masscomm

Tanya Rogish: I’m grateful for Sally Bowring who showed me how to BE an artist, not just someone who makes art! Xoxo

Shell Harris: Richard Carlyon taught far more than art. One of the best teachers ever.

Bob Dudas: Dr Peter Aiken

Clay McDonald: Deirdre Condit and Virginia Totaro!!!

Jeffrey Burks: Thankful for Dr. Slough and Dr. Little. Without them, I would of never became a Marketing major, become passionate about my education, graduate, and have this amazing job. Can’t speak more highly of them. There amazing!!

Lyn Johnson: Dr. Diana Scully-one of the most amazing educators ever. I took every single course she offerred back in the day. She is one of the reasons I chose to pursue a doctorate of my very own.

Mark Anthony: Dr. Epps. She encouraged me to strive after my dreams of being an Accountant; such an awesome example of intelligence, leadership, and commitment.

Susan Lane Spaulding: Dr. Elizabeth Duke and Dr. Warren Strandberg…

Michael Fitts: Rob Carter

Michael Fitts: The late Phil Meggs.

Nadim Geloo: Bill Beck

Tana Necsary Kaefer: Dr. Brigette Sicat. She encouraged me to do a community pharmacy residency and that has been one of the best career decisions thus far in my career. She is an amazing teacher and it shows in her daily interactions with students and patients alike. Thank you Dr. Sicat for being awesome!!!

Stephanie L. Downie: The late Herr Volkmar Risch–loved his German classes.

Pat Greis Summers: Dr Brian T. McMahon, Medical College of Virginia Campus, School of Allied Health Professions, Rehabilitation Counseling Department

Mundy Viar: Several, but Dr. Michael Wise and Dr. Charles Hartsoe were quite influential!

Derek Cashman: Dr. Glen Kellogg in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry.

Eric Slater: Yes. Joyce Wise Dodd. She’s one of the reasons I got into teaching.

Kisha M. Thompson: Dr. James Moore, Noreece Jones, Dr. Berezofsky, all from The History Dept (Class Of 93)

Ed Christina: Dr. Benersky, Dr. Mesmer. So many great professors

Mari White LaRose: Dr. David Burton….Art Ed.

Mike Woods: I am and will always be, thankful for Dr Bob Foster, CA&D. He was an awesome guy, great teacher, very talented, and a true friend when I needed one. Also Dr Richard Carlyon for his wealth of first hand knowledge about his experience in NYC during the 50’s and his unique perspective. Loved them both!

Wendy O’Bier Baker: Judy McLeod…I started art studio class thinking the only thing I knew how to draw was a stick figure and she showed me by the end of the year I had an artistic side I never knew and for that I am eternally thankful!

Seana Muhart: Gary Sange. His passion for poetry and the written word had such an impact on me. One of my favorite teachers and classes ever! Thank you Dr. Sange.

Susan Lane Spaulding: Dr. Leila Christenbury…best writing teacher ever…and now I use what she taught in my 7th grade classroom!

Kim Alexander: I’m thankful for Devron Castle. She was awesome and helped me fall in love with documentary making.

Amy Craighead: Always thankful for Bill Newmann and Judy Twigg.

Vickie Haller: Dr. Sandra Welch, Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology on the MCV Campus. She was not only my boss, but my friend & mentor. Her encouragement, support and guidance enabled me to obtain my BS degree while working full time as her research technician. Plus, she taught me a helluva lot about pharmacology! You ROCK, Sandi!!

Ginger Brinn: Tom White from AFO and Marjorie Manifold who inspired me to continue my art education journey.

Jennifer Pherris: Mr. Gerald Saunders. He’s the best!

Dave Gorman: Professor Nelson Wickstrom, poli sci, Professor Melvin Urofsky, history – and many others.

Steven Barker: Elizabeth Hopper, Janet B. Rodgers, Gary C. Hopper, Lou Szari

Bianca Martinez: Dr. Micah McCreary was an inspiring human being and a great professor.

Faren Frederick: Dr. Joyce Beckett! (Retired) school of social work.

Rendell L. Jones: Dr. Ken Daniels was great!

Tripp Clark: Dr. Randy Barker & Dr. George Hoffer were my favorite……

Wendy Emanuele Smith: Robert Schneider, retired, who was instrumental in launching my social work specialty in geriatrics and Melissa Able, who someone managed to get me through statistics! School of Social Work is the best!

Christine Gordon: Peyton Rowe!!!! She’s the greatest!

Margaret Ann Elder: Dr. Robert Armour and many others — after 40 years, I can still remember lectures and discussions from my VCU English major days.

Meghan Boyle: Dr. Wikstrom, Dr. Newton and Dr. Twigg – they made my collegiate experience amazing!

Geoffrey Spangler: Larry Swafford…thank you sir…

Valerie Vew: L. Douglas Wilder. Hands down one of the greatest professors I’ve ever had.

Carolyn Duckworth: Susan Iverson and Henry Schwartz!

Adam Uddin: The late Manley Elliot Banks in political science.

Lenore Andrews: Dr. Nancy Stutts, she is a wonderful person and a great source of encouragement.

Steven Suessmann: Nancy Kunkle Thompson, my Jewelry & Metalsmithing teacher, Chair of the Crafts Department who helped make it into the power house department that it is today.

John Dilustro: Dr Don Young in Biology – great professor!

John Ram: Professor Michael Little!!! He has been very supportive and helpful.

Steven Suessmann: Bill Bevalaqua (sorry if it is spelled wrong) my AFO Basic Design teacher…he taught me creative problem solving…a true mentor!

Tye Tyssen: Man I miss Dr. Wise. He was the BEST

Missy Monolo: Philip Megs, sadly he passed but his legacy lives on!!!!

Daniel Brisker: All biology professors

Janet M. Worsham: Several Edwin Thayer, Wayne Batty, Virginia Rouse, Ed Mirr, Milton Cherry-the old crew and they really cared! Fine folks from the old days!

Sara Hart Turpin Rowe: Dr. Giacobbe is no longer at VCU but was when I was there and he was so helpful on my journey through the teaching program.

CeeJay Louis: Dr. Deirdre M. Condit is the best! And I never officially enrolled in his class but Dr. Micah McReary is amazing and Dr. Nicholas Sharp was a legend. True, Kadie, how could I forget Chris Saladino

Cindy Redding: My accounting teacher, who for the life of me I cannot remember her name. But without her constant belittling and badgering, I would have never passed it. Thank you!!! I took her for 102 too! And to Karen Guthrie, Fashion, for her kindness and believing in all of us. -BFA 1988.

Sandy Reynolds: Thelma Biddle and Carol Rasnic. Also Dr. Howard Jackson.

Sharon Richardson: Thankful for Joan Deppa, Kathy Fair, Charlie Fair, Ed Arnold & George Crutch field (among many other fine journalism faculty circa 1979-1983).

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