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The VDA Dental Showcase was ‘refreshing’

I had the pleasure of spending part of last weekend at the VDA Showcase in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was among the first of returning to in-person meetings and it was encouraging and refreshing to watch audience members’ responses to speakers’ remarks, to see hugs among old friends, to hear about others’ experiences, to feel the buzz in the exhibition hall, […]

Reflecting on a new adventure

Today, I met a new faculty member. A few weeks ago, I met three others. And just a few months ago, I was that new faculty member. I have spent some time reflecting on what joining a new institution and moving to a new city has meant to me and my family. I envisioned the move to be a new adventure filled with places and opportunities that would be […]

The spirit of learning is in the air!

There’s a lot of learning going on! I’ve spent time visiting our clinics and classrooms and have been impressed with the level of engagement I’ve seen everywhere I go. The week has been filled with examples: standing outside a classroom with students attentively listening to the mechanism of anticoagulation; being at a doorway when a […]

Welcome to the new school year

It’s a new year, with new students, a few new staff members, some new faculty and new aspirations. Welcome all, and thank you for choosing to be a part of VCU School of Dentistry. Whenever a new academic year begins, there are many things we all need to do. It’s actually amazing that it goes […]

Research is an integral part of who we are

In today’s edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Dr. Anthony Faber’s research efforts to understand and combat the pathophysiology of cancer is on prominent display on the front page. It reminds me that research is a central part of our professional commitment that is often overshadowed by the equally important but more visible teaching and delivery […]

July was once a quiet, summer month.

As we returned from the long July 4th holiday weekend, we were greeted with new opportunities to extend oral health care to the community. We are grateful that the Virginia legislature provided a 30% increase in Medicaid dental benefit reimbursements that may encourage more dentists to provide and more patients to seek dental care in […]

June is Oral Health Month.

Oral health is important and the impact of oral health professionals is sometimes understated, but the reality is that oral health is critical to overall health and we play a tremendous role in improving peoples’ quality of life. June is Oral Health Month. As Virginia’s only dental school, we have a unique responsibility for and […]

June is an inspiring month!

The inspiration of warm weather and the longer days encourage us toward greater activity. We are planning our vacations, enjoying nature and looking forward to holiday weekends. June is an inspiring month! June is Pride Month. This month, together with our friends and colleagues, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. I am reminded by rainbow flags […]

A message on our nation’s recent tragedies

When we are continually reminded of the tragedy of hatred and the heartache that rises from racial bias, perhaps it becomes too easy to not say anything at all. Yet, many impacted gravely suffer silently without support. My hope is that we will one day learn to be a society that respects and celebrates each […]

A message to the class of 2022

As the new dean, I have not had the opportunity to know our graduates and many of the faculty and staff who accompanied the class of 2022 along their academic journey. But, in three short weeks here, I certainly have come to appreciate the strengths of all things VCU Dentistry. I am thrilled to be part […]

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